12 April 2017

Introducing....The Colour Republic Painted Boards

Here at Winchcombe Reclamation we are excited to tell you about a fantastic new flooring product that we now have.  We have teamed up with The Colour Republic a unique and innovative flooring manufacturer who specialise in painted and distressed floor boards. 


The Colour Republic – Painted Boards


The flooring, either engineered or solid wood, is hand painted with their own range of quality paints and then distressed in a number of different styles and levels depending on the finish you are looking for, the level of customisation is literally endless, so you will always be able to create the exact look you are after.



We have a fantastic display at our showroom in the Cotswolds, showcasing the different options and the level of customisation available.  This is a superb product for both domestic and commercial applications and allows you to achieve a myriad of finishes to complement and enhance your home, office or retail space - from stately homes to trendy shops, in subdued corporate colours or nostalgic tints.


The unique painted flooring collection is available in Basic, Damaged, Weathered and Chipped finishes.

The Standard finish is two paint colours, a base coat and a top coat, normally different colours. This means that on a Damaged, Weathered or Chipped board you will see the top coat colour but then also parts of the base colour and the wood itself.  More colours can be added if desired.







The Colour Republic – Paint


We will also be offering The Colour Republic’s Paint Collection, with the same colour palette as the flooring, available in Matt and Satin, to enable you to match walls, or whatever else you want to paint, to compliment your flooring choices.  The paint collection is made up of colours which recreate that nostalgic feel.  The waterborne paint is available in 86 different shades, environmentally friendly, low on VOC and high coverage.  By making old school paints combined with modern high end binders Colour Republic have the best of both worlds, the look and feel of old chalk paint yet durable and washable like any modern paint and paint shades designed to turn your living area into a warm and welcoming space.



Every colour has its own story, and Colour Republic’s colours are the result of 20 years of experience in creating products tailored to customers with different tastes on different continents. Available in 125ml testers and 1L, 2.5L, 5L and 20L cans



We stock a standard engineered board (21mm/6mm veneer) in our signature grey and putty colour combination but of course all options of board type, colour, finish and level of distress are available to order and we can help you spec the product and organise samples to view – so pop in and visit us at our showroom and see the possibilities.