5 May 2017

Reclaim Water features

Stone Troughs – Reclaimed stone troughs are a classic way to add water to your garden. Either as a catchment pool for a wall fountain or as a standalone pool.  Stone troughs can be drilled for pipework but this might devalue it and some break during the process.  A charming option is to cut a design out of a block of stone to allow rainwater to collect.



Rills – A lovely way to emphasise a long vista or to draw the eye to a viewpoint.  These usually have shallow running water but can be more substantial or as delicate as a channel along a wall top.



Other containers – Where the imagination can run wild and almost any watertight container can be pressed into service to make a statement water feature, from old oil barrels, to feed troughs or re purposed rainwater goods




Spouts with interest – How the water enters your pool or container is almost as important as the container any yet is if often overlooked.  Ornate bespoke spouts add gravitas and class, whilst thoughtful repetition or unusual repurposing show creativity.

Stone at the centre of design – From informal naturalistic design to precision masonry cut formality or a clever use of formal near the house blending to a naturalist design that steals from the far landscape.  Using stone allows a huge flexibility.